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One sunny afternoon, Harry, a young social media guru, graphic artist and content editor, Karl and Lucy, a Photoshop expert and writer all encountered an issue with a piece of content for their site. As usual, in order to amend this problem, these three colleagues and good friends work together, fast, to get back on track with their schedule. Here is what makes Photoopia so unique.

Harry is a 20-year-old graduate fresh out of university. He majored in Communications and Marketing and is a social media expert. He came across his ‘social media guru' nickname thanks to a student fair held by his university in the closing stages of his degree. Lucky for Harry, the role combines everything he is passionate about and everything he’s learned over the last 4 years. All was going so well until Harry first encountered the problem when he was just about to post to his daily blog. Usually, he shares daily blogs on many platforms of social media, however today he is unable to do any of this. This problem was a first for him, and instead of trying to figure it out himself, Harry turned to his close friends to assist in the sorting the problem out.

Karl is Harry's direct supervisor and manages all the graphics and content of this website. Karl is 45 years old and has been with for his group since the start of his professional career. He began in the same position as Harry, although not posting on social media. Instead, his job was to market and post ‘blogs' on posters around the city for people to read. It wasn't until Harry pointed out the issue to Karl, that he noticed a problem with how to best post their content. It turns out that Karl then needed to turn to Lucy about image and graphic issues.

Lucy is the website’s Photoshop expert, and also contributes to the writing content on occasion. She has had 3 previous roles, all in SE0 and content management, but this job is her pride and joy. Lucy oversees both Harry and Karl with site content being able to reach its audience. She enjoys throwing ideas around the table as to what could be content ideas based on Harry’s original blog. She acts quickly to bring her junior writer and Karl up to date with why the post was not being shared. This result mainly being that social media platforms have tightened their terms and conditions regarding what can and cannot be posted. This reasoning is why they decided to stick to a website format exclusively.

In conclusion, Harry, Karl, and Lucy all face the same problems throughout the course of the day, but all at different times. By communicating with one another they finally find solutions to their problems with few changes involved and onto an online audience. This is why we can’t do it without your help a too, so be sure to let us know how we’re doing through our e-mail address.


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