Online photo managers you still rely on, even today

A photo manager is used to store, share and put in order photos of people. One can save their photos and show these photos to other people. It allows family and friends of the person to print copies of the photos as well. One can also turn their collection of photos into a book. But for the most part, these versions of photo albums are purely digital deposit spaces that are predominant on the internet.

Flickr FSome examples of older versions of online photo managers include; Flickr, Photobucket, Imgur, and 500px. A good photo manager should have six distinct characteristics. These characteristics include one, it should have enough space for storing all the person's photos in one place for a long time. The photo quality should be well preserved likewise, which means the photos should not be compressed until they are unrecognizable. You should be able to easily upload their photo and also to edit it with free software that comes with the site too. And like anything else, it should be well organized to find photos using dates or any title data that can be added. The next step is obviously the ease to share their photos with any website easily like Facebook, Instagram, and others. Last on the list is pretty conventional for those photos be printable or turned it into a physical photobook.

Photobucket offers services like video and image hosting. It was a free website until September 2017 where they put up charges and subscription accounts. It also has a service called Photobucket stories whereby one can invite family and friends to contribute photos of a memory. The Photobucket stories can easily be shared anywhere even in social media. It also provides photo editing options. They lost many faithful fans who used this service on several social media sites until they decided to start charging. What a world -what a world...

Flickr is also an image and web hosting website. It has three types of accounts; free, Ad-free and doublr. The free account has a storage space of one terabyte limited to 200 MB for each photo and 1 GB for videos not longer than three minutes. For the Ad-free account, one pays for it to avoid commercials. The doublr account has twice the storage of a free account. It has several interesting services such as a photo can be tagged, a user can label an upload, and also one can organize their photos into an album.

500px is another example of a photo manager. It allows one to upload their desired photos from their own devices. It offers a free account for users who want to upload 20 images per week and those who want to upgrade are required to pay a cost of $25 US dollars per year. A user can also go through photos of other users that they have uploaded. It offers a free phone application for its users both Android and 105 users.

Last but not least is Imgur- who is an image hosting website which was founded by Alan Schaaf. It allows one to upload unlimited photos for free. A photo can be up-voted or down-voted or even made the favorite photo by users. One can choose to make their photos public or private. A previous incarnation of photo sharing that rates other peoples photos earned Alan big bucks worth 40 million USD through the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital company.