Photo competitions VS photo submission contests

In a nutshell: The difference between photo competitions and photo submissions is that a photo competition is where you present your images to be looked at by a large group of judges and at some point displayed together with the rest of the winners. A photography competition is always about being ready to receive feedback from judges concerning various works and categories that have been presented, and finding which image is best in that area- winning that part of the competition. But is there really more to it you bet!

National Geographic SA photography submission is where you submit your photos to multiple magazines, so that you can have your name get out there and your work can finally be recognized. Once you have taken the first steps of submitting photos to different print as well as digital magazines, then it can lead you to further projects where photos are requested. For instance, you can be chosen to engage in a competition with well-known photographers, and you can be lucky enough to be a winner. Thus, photography competition is all about competition with the other photographers through the presentation of your images while photography submission is all about submitting your pictures so that it can be picked by various professionals and be published in places like National Geographic or the World Press Photo exhibitions.

What makes these two different all depends on the process in which an image becomes published. Once submitted for either, an image can win a competition -when it comes to the rules for each photography competition as a whole. This just means that they have different rules. First, when it comes to photography competitions, you have to know the rules of the competition and follow them as requested. This is because the rules will enable you to understand how the images will later be used in the end. Again, it also will determine the difference between winning and losing. Second, you need to stick to the theme of that competition. Third, you need to do some research. From this, you will have a hint through looking at what winners from the other years did. And lastly is about standing out and avoiding cliches.

When it comes to the rules of photography submissions, we find them very different from that of competitions. Because it gives guidelines to what you have to consider whenever you are submitting so that the photos can be published in magazines. First, is getting prepared. This is by ensuring that you have got a massive range of content that is quality, come up with a submission template which has got very relevant information and many others. Second is, be keen on choosing the relevant photographs and magazines too. This is where you select the correct photos for the right magazine. Don't keep submitting similar images to a variety of magazines at the same times. Thus, what makes them different is the steps needed so that the photographers can win and how they can submit their images so that they can be published.

The two are appealing because, once a photographer has won, it means that their image has been captured well and people will be eager to see that particular image through attending the competitions. And for submission, they are appealing since once something has been selected and placed in a magazine, then it means it is attractive to the eye.